Dr. James Ernest, a scholar, educator, and publisher with extensive training in philosophy, languages, history, and theology, wants to put his knowledge to work for Caledonia schools. How he can help: James’s combination of academic and pastoral training equips him to vet curriculum and help school board find intelligent, balanced solutions for difficult issues around the intersection of culture, religion, and education.  

  • works as Vice President and Editor-and-Chief at Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing 
  • has bachelor’s degree in philosophy and ancient language studies; master’s degrees in classical studies and in biblical, theological, and pastoral studies; PhD in history of Christian life and thought 
  • has taught seminarians and (briefly) undergraduates and (as substitute) public high school students 
  • helped organize and lead the Odyssey of the Mind program at Kraft Meadows 
  • has served as teacher, elder and elder chair, nursery worker, supply preacher, organist, and pianist at area churches 
  • daughter (2009) and son (2011)  graduated from Caledonia High School 

James and Beth have been married for 35 years. Beth is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Their dog, Maisie, is a good girl.

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