platform overview

1. We must give our young people the BEST POSSIBLE Education.

Education is how we pass knowledge, values, and skills from one generation to the next and equip them to surpass us. We educate our children to give them what they will need to survive and thrive in the world. We hope that learning will be fulfilling for them personally and will make them whole people in a healthy community. Read more.

2. public schools are the best way.

I believe in public education. Public education does not form isolated individuals. It does not divide our community into mutually uncomprehending and suspicious blocs. Nor does it homogenize our community. It educates in a setting that fosters unity amid diversity. Read more.

3. The board of education must balance oversight and support.

School board members are called trustees. Not mascots, not managers, and certainly not meddlers, autocrats, or lone rangers. Trustees. They are entrusted by the community with oversight and support of the school district. Read more.

4. I want to serve our community by serving on school board.

Through the tumults of recent months and years in the USA, the firm conviction formed in me that I must participate not in tearing down our community but in building it up. I must find a way to serve locally. I concluded that for me the best avenue of service is on the school board. Read more.

5. I have education and experience to offer to the school board.

My education and my work experience equip me well to serve as a school board trustee. I am an educated educator and a seasoned leader. I don’t have all the answers (one of the main benefits of higher education is that you learn that you don’t know everything!), but I can help people of good will think through problems and find answers. Read more.

6. I will bring positive values to the school board.

I have some definite ideas about virtues and values that are needed on the school board, especially in our current troubled climate. I believe that many Caledonians share these values. These include positivity, respect, harmony, love, and good process. Read more.

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